25th Oct, 2023

New Hospital Construction Underway: A Glimpse into the future of Advanced Healthcare Infrastructure!

In a significant stride towards enhanced healthcare infrastructure, construction has commenced on a state-of-the-art hospital poised to redefine medical services. The groundbreaking ceremony marked the beginning of a project that promises to be a beacon of healing and hope. Set to feature cutting-edge technology and patient-centric design, this hospital aims to set new standards in healthcare delivery.As the foundations are laid, anticipation grows for the unveiling of a facility that prioritizes accessibility and embraces the latest advancements in medical science. The community eagerly awaits the positive impact this institution will have on health and well-being. Stay tuned for updates on the construction progress and discover how this new hospital is poised to make a lasting impact on the local healthcare landscape. The future of healthcare is under construction, and it looks promising.

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Revolutionizing Emergency Care: A Modern Approach to Dynamic and Inclusive Healthcare Spaces

14th Dec, 2023

              Say goodbye to the traditional regimental design of emergency departments. Today’s patients and diverse staff demand spaces that are as dynamic, inclusive and portray a sense of urgency and privacy at the same time. When we designed this 1500 bed facility for a confidential client in the North […]

Nurturing Beginnings: A Thoughtful Design for Maternity at a Leading Superspecialty Facility in North India

14th Dec, 2023

Every life begins with one common journey- pregnancy! The careful planning of the maternity department of a 1200 bed Superspecialty facility in North Indian city includes a warm lobby space, a screening cum first stage ward, 3 well-equipped labor rooms, two C-section operating rooms, separate delivery area for eclampsia cases, a 10 bed intensive care […]

Winning Design Revealed for a University’s New Medical Facility – A Game-Changer in Education and Healthcare!

5th Dec, 2023

In a triumph of innovative design and visionary architecture, our team proudly announces victory in the prestigious competition to construct the new Medical College and Hospital for a renowned university. The winning proposal seamlessly integrates modern aesthetics with functionality, promising to redefine medical education and patient care. Our design envisions a dynamic learning environment, fostering collaboration […]

Let’s create something beautiful

Let’s create something beautiful